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         The Lithuanian Council for Culture (hereinafter: “the Council”) carries out its activities from the year 2013, in accordance with the Law on the Lithuanian Council for Culture, the Law on Culture Support Fund, the Government decrees, the Minister of Culture orders, the Council Statute and other legislation. The Council is a budgetary institution, established with the view to reform country cultural governance and develop culture self - realization. Its core mission - to implement the State culture policy in the governance areas assigned to the Minister of Culture, except for the areas assigned to the Lithuanian Film Centre, which is a separate institution under the Ministry of Culture responsible for the country cinema policy implementation.

         The owner of the Council is the State. The rights and duties of the owner are implemented by the Ministry of Culture with the exception of decisions related to reorganization or liquidation of the Council, which are taken by the owner – the Government.

         The Council is a public legal person of limited civil liability performing the public administration and other functions assigned, having the seal with its own name and the state emblem of Lithuania as well as the bank accounts.

      The Council administrates the Culture Support Fund which resources comprise state budget allocations mainly, other lawfully acquired funds and are dedicated for financing culture and arts projects, programmes and other measures. This thereby enables to significantly contribute to development of national culture, promotion of public initiatives in cultural expression, building and supporting the cultural potential of artists, presenting arts in its various forms to Lithuanian citizens, strengthening cooperation between artists and cultural workers, rising up cultural education etc. The main culture and arts fields, supported by this fund, include architecture, libraries, theatre art and circus, fine arts, design, photography, cinema, museum, cultural heritage, literature, music, dance, folk art, ethnic culture, interdisciplinary and amateur arts projects. Only legal entities, registered in the Republic of Lithuania are eligible to submit applications to the Council for Culture Support Fund financing.