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Key Functions

The Council is assigned the following key functions:

- providing co-financing to culture and arts projects, programmes and other measures on the grounds of competitive selection of projects, based on the cultural experts analysis, conclusions and recommendations;
- administrating the Culture Support Fund;
- awarding grants, providing scholarships and other financial support to culture and arts creators and artists (via aforementioned competition procedures);
- organizing culture and arts research and coordinating the process;
- monitoring and analyzing culture and arts projects, being carried out;
- participating in working up and implementing EU and other countries financial support programmes and administrating the financial support funds provided for the culture sector;
- developing and submitting proposals, based on expert conclusions, on culture and arts policy issues to the Ministry of Culture and other state institutions (on its own initiative or upon the inquires);
- preparing and submitting opinions concerning the awarding of prizes established by the Ministry of Culture;
- cooperating with state and municipal agencies and institutions other agencies and organizations;
- establishing contacts and maintaining relationships with other countries culture and arts funding councils and agencies for experience and knowledge sharing;
- consulting culture and arts projects promoters;
- performing other functions specified by legal acts.