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Individual and Mobility Grants

Lithuanian Council for Culture awards individual and mobility grants to culture and art creators.

To be eligible for the grant, candidates have to be adult culture or art creators, whose object of activity is Lithuanian art and culture and their promotion. Applications for grants may be submitted by the citizens of the Republic of Lithuania as well as citizens of other EU Member States or third countries, however, the application must be completed in Lithuanian. All the application appendices must be also submitted in or translated into Lithuanian. It is advised to have partners in Lithuania who could help with the application process. Please check the open calls for grants in Lithuanian here: Candidates may apply only for one specific type of grant.

Individual grants

Individual grants are awarded to support individual artistic expression of culture or art creators.
Individual grants of €600 per month may be awarded for a maximum of 12 months. The awarded grant payment starts from January of the following year.
Applications for individual grants may be submitted annually from September 1 to September 30.
Grants for culture and art creators application evaluation description (in Lithuanian)

Mobility grants

Mobility grants are awarded for strenghtening international cooperation and partnerships of culture and art creators, as well as improving professional skills of culture or art creators, in particular, for participating in traineeship programs, courses, conferences, symposiums and other activities abroad. Mobility grants may also be used for covering the costs of creative residency or masterclasses. 
Mobility grants may be awarded for a maximum of 6 months. The grant of up to €3,600 is paid out after signing an agreement.
Applications for mobility grants are accepted three times a year:
- from September 1 to September 30
- from January 1 to January 31
- from May 1 to May 31
Grants for culture and art creators application evaluation description (in Lithuanian)

Agreements and reports

After being awarded an individual or mobility grant, the candidate must, within 20 working days, fill in and sign an agreement form (in Lithuanian) for the type of the grant awarded (individual or mobility). Agreement forms for grants are generated through online access. The candidate must send a printed and signed copy of the agreement to the Lithuanian Council for Culture by registered mail (Naugarduko g. 10, LT-01309 Vilnius, Lithuania) or send an electronically signed agreement (ADOC) by e-mail. 

The report for the grant received must be submitted no later than 20 working days from the end date of the activity period, as defined in the agreement terms. The report for the grant received does not need to include copies of documents for justifying expenditure. The report form is generated through online access.