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Meeting Point – Vilnius programme announced, with speakers from Poland, Israel and more

11 April 2016
Meeting Point – Vilnius programme announced, with speakers from Poland, Israel and more

April 12th–14th – the last days of Vilnius International Film Festival – will see the seventh film industry conference Meeting Point – Vilnius. This year, the focus will be on cooperation with Poland, special seminars for producers, a film festival symposium and the traditional session for presenting film projects. Well-known cinema industry professionals from Poland, Israel, Canada and Spain will share their experience on making films and getting support for festivals.

Meeting Point – Vilnius has been helping develop and improve the Lithuanian film industry for seven years, as well as helping new filmmakers from Lithuania and Eastern Europe make their way into the international market.

This year’s conference will pay special attention to working with Poland. There has been a growing number of joint projects between Lithuania and Poland, prompting discussions about their future. Therefore, many of the conference guests will arrive from our neighbour country.

The conference will also focus on the filmmaking process. Katriel Schory, executive director of the Israel Film Fund, will visit Vilnius to share his experience of working in the film industry, which both young and seasoned filmmakers are sure to find helpful. Schory, known for his unique way with words, is scheduled to give two lectures: how to successfully make small-budget films, as well as effective producer and director collaboration. He will also help producers prepare for film project presentations.

Zero Day, dedicated to the Lithuanian film industry, will see The Chocolate agency director Tomas Nemūra deliver his insights into social marketing for films.

A film festival symposium for festival organisers will be held on April 13th, together with the United Kingdom’s Independent Cinema Office. One of the speakers will be Roberto Cueto, press and communication coordinator at the San Sebastian Film Festival. Cueto will talk about the economic impact that film festivals have on cities and their communities, and director of sponsorship at the Toronto Film Festival Brooke Duval will provide information about successful festival sponsorship.


The detailed conference programme can be found here:

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