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Lithuanian Council for Culture attends IFACCA session on support to Ukraine

4 April 2022
Lithuanian Council for Culture attends IFACCA session on support to Ukraine

An extraordinary session of the International Federation of Arts Councils and Cultural Agencies (IFACCA) was held last Friday in order to discuss support measures for Ukraine. Lithuania was represented by Asta Pakarklytė, the Chairwoman of the Lithuanian Council for Culture. The remote session was attended by the representatives of 20 countries, including the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation (UCF). The representatives of Ukrainian Cultural Foundation presented a brief overview of the devastating events in Ukraine - 500 cultural centers, creative workshops and art centers, 100 protected and cultural heritage sites, and 20 museums and art galleries were destroyed, damaged or looted in Ukraine during the 36 days of the war.

During the remote session the representatives of UCF also presented 3 main directions of support to the cultural field in Ukraine: support for cultural and artistic projects that can be implemented in Ukraine, support for the Ukrainian media, personal support for artists and cultural professionals in the form of scholarships. Representatives of the UCF believe that Russia's military action in the country will not last long but pointed out that Ukraine will need long-term support and sustainable partnerships even when the war ends.

Most of the countries during the session presented that they have already imposed various sanctions on Russia's "soft power": they publicly speak out and condemn Russia's aggression, suspend cooperation, cancel events, and refuse to fund projects related to Russia. Some countries take actions of support such as providing help to Ukraine installing the pavilion at the Venice Biennale, seting up funding schemes for creative education for Ukrainian children, adapting art residency programs for Ukrainian creatives, giving Ukrainians free access to cultural events and museums, and recruiting Ukrainian cultural professionals.

Asta Pakarklytė, the Chairwoman of the Lithuanian Council for Culture, who participated in the extraordinary IFACCA session, stated that “despite the actual support for Ukraine from the IFACCA member countries, many support measures are still in the planning phase. In this regard, Lithuania is leading with the support and assistance to Ukraine because we react quickly. This week the Lithuanian Council for Culture plans to announce a scholarship programme for Ukrainian culture and art creatives who have found refuge in Lithuania. The scholarship will be available for the period of 3 months. The Lithuanian Council for Culture is also considering other measures of support for Ukrainian creatives while preparing funding competition for the year of 2023."


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