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Lithuanian Council for Culture becomes DESICE project’s Associate Partner

15 April 2024
Lithuanian Council for Culture becomes DESICE project’s Associate PartnerR. Stepanovaitė, V. Budrio nuotr.

Following an invitation from the Lithuanian Innovation Centre, the LCC has joined the Interreg Europe programme DESICE. DESICE aims to enhance the execution of regional and local policies related to the circular economy, specifically focusing on bolstering the capabilities of product developers. Through collaborative efforts across regions, institutions will share knowledge, draw lessons from one another’s experiences, and enhance regional development policies. 

Last week, the Director of the Administration Rūta Stepanovaitė, Manager of Project “Design Wings” Gabija Vanagė, and PR specialist Karolina Kažukauskaitė took part in DESICE’s first remote meeting. Partners introduced organisations, the meeting also overviewed the project’s activities, discussed challenges, and planned the next steps as well as the official start date. The project will unfold in three phases spanning over four years, culminating on June 30, 2028. 

DESICE targets designers, research and development organisations, research centres, universities, policymakers, regional authorities, and the cultural and creative industries (CCI) sector. The project aims to provide stakeholders with knowledge about sustainable product design, resource management, and circular economy-based organisational management models. It also aims to develop tools, procedures, documentation, and other resources aligned with the principles of the circular economy. DESICE primarily focuses on education and training within the CCI sector, research and innovation initiated or supported by regional policymakers, support mechanisms and financial incentives, and fostering new opportunities for cooperation in circular economy design. To fulfill its objectives, the project activities will involve six steps: Defining problems, identifying good practices, conducting joint analysis and finding solutions, transferring knowledge and practices, changing strategic decisions and policymaking, and monitoring results. 

“The Lithuanian Council for Culture participates in the DESICE programme within the scope of the successfully implemented project Design Wings. The invitation to become an associate partner and share the experience gained over the two years was extended by the Lithuanian Innovation Centre, the primary entity responsible for implementing project activities in Lithuania. Alongside seven partners from six countries: Greece, Belgium, Slovenia, Italy, Romania, and Estonia, we will collaborate on the European Union’s priority of green initiatives. We aim to maximise synergies with the climate-neutral economy by implementing innovative organisational models linked to the circular design of products and services. Additionally, we also expect the transfer of knowledge and practices concerning the implementation of circular economy principles at the decision-making level. For example, in the area of planning documents. Our aim is not only to offer guidance to project participants but also gain insights into reinforcing the implementation of design solutions rooted in circular economy principles within the Lithuanian Council for Culture’s funding instruments,” says Rūta Stepanovaitė.

The first remote meeting of DESICE partners is scheduled for April 2024. 

Project details (English): DESICE - Enhancing CIRCULAR ECONOMY through innovative DESIGN

The project is funded by Interreg Europe under the European Regional Development Fund.

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