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Lithuanian culture abroad

27 May 2018
Lithuanian culture abroad"The Seagull" directed by Oskaras Koršunovas. Photo by Dmitrij Matvejev.

During 2018, the Lithuanian Council for Culture provided funding for 64 promotion projects abroad. The funding projects sufficiently equally reflects the genre diversity of the national professional art: theatre art, music, literature, dancing, photography, ethnic culture, interdisciplinary art, architecture. 

In 2018, the OKT/ Vilnius City Theatre was touring in China, South Korea and Ukraine, where the presented the Seagullaccording to a play by Anton Chekhov and directed in 2014 by Oskaras Koršunovas. The Meno fortastheatre also toured in Ukraine introducing to the audience ‘The Book of Job’ directed by Eimuntas Nekrošius. The geography of the Artras Areimastheatre this year will include San Francisco and Berlin, and the Theatre of Senseswill be performing Munich. The ‘Table Theatre”will be bringing its performances to Italy and Ukraine. 

TheLithuanian Dance Information Centrewill this year introduce the national dance artists in Bulgaria and Mexico. The touring itinerary of the AIRA dance theatre includes the festival in Gothenburg, and the AURA dancing theatre from Kaunas will be visiting Asia. The urban dance school Low Airwill be sharing its mastery with the audiences in China, Israel and other States. A dance theatre Padi Dapi Fishfrom the seaport city was touring in the United Kingdom and Israel. The dance theatre Dansemacreating modern dance performances for children under three years old attended different international festivals where it introduced its performances Coloured games, Mosaic, and Lighters. 

The Vilnius City Municipality St. Christopher Chamber Orchestra plans to visit in 2018 not only the Eastern Ukraine and Georgia, but also the United States of America, and the Vilnius City choir Young Musicwill be giving concerts in Israel that will be hosting concerts and performances of other Lithuanian performers. The Mettisquartet will be giving concerts in the USA, Canada and Panama, and the Chordosquartet will present its concert programmes in Germany and the United Kingdom. The modern chamber opera Confessionscreated by Jens Hedman (Sweden), Rūta Vitkauskaitė (Lithuania) and Åsa Nordgren (Sweden) was shown in the Round Chapel in London. Lithuanian jazz musicians will attend the major international jazz festivals in Estonia and Serbia. A jazz band led by Dainius Pulauskas will attend the A to Jazzfestival in Bulgaria, and the Shenzehn music festival Belt&Road’in China. The Sheep Got Waxedgroup will be touring China and Europe. 

The Modern Art Centre this year is presenting two shows abroad – the creation of Žilvinas Lanzbergas in the Biennial de São Paulo, and the exhibition by Laura Kaminskaitė and Antanas Gerlikas ‘P////AKT’ in Amsterdam. A personal exhibition of Andrėja Šaltytė will be displayed in the Leipzig visual arts museum (MdbK), and the creation of the painter Linas Jusonis was introduced in Gente, the painter Rūta Kaliliūtė was exhibiting her pieces of work in Latvia. The collection of sculpture pieces by Nerijus and Andrius Erminai was opened in Rockelmann& in Berlin, and the ‘Kaunas interwar architecture’ exhibition by a jeweler R was displayed in Brazil, the works of the Lithuanian photography artists are exhibited in art galleries in Ukraine, Russia, Israel, Belarus and the Western Europe. Lithuanian book art is presented in Germany and the USA, and the pieces of graphic art in Croatia and Italy, Lithuanian ceramicists are showing their works in Latvia. The Lithuanian Art Museum arranged a historic exhibition ‘Mstislav Dobužinskij’s Lithuania’ in St. Petersburg. 

The Lithuanian Institute of Culture will be hosting the visits of art experts from different countries in Lithuania, with the itineraries including meeting a number of artists in Lithuania and the institutions presenting them. 

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